10 Fun Things You Can Do with Your Kids on Rainy Days that Won’t Render You Bankrupt!

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Rainy/ bad weather days are lazy days for adults who just want to lounge on the sofa or the bed and either watch reruns or drown in thriller and romance books while munching on endless junk food. But for kids with their boundless energy, rainy days are fun killers. So, no matter how much you want to have your peace and quiet cooped up inside the house during bad weather days, having kids with you mean you’ll most likely have a brewing war in hand if you don’t get them occupied.

In that note, here are 10 fun things you can do with your kids when the weather’s a bit under to go outside. And take note, these activities won’t break your wallet!


Baking can be lots of fun with your kids around. Little ones are very curious and eager to learn and a baking session will keep them occupied for an hour or so with all the prepping and eating after. You just have to be ready to deal with the mess, too.

baking with kids

Do a movie marathon.

If the rain’s bound to fall for a while, a movie marathon is a great way to keep the kids at bay [aside from having a legit excuse gobbling up large bowls of popcorn!]. Rainy days are a great time to do some catching up on movies you haven’t seen or watch the ones your whole family loved once again [just make sure they’re kid-friendly if you have little ones watching with you].

Play the old-fashioned way.

Bring out the board games and have fun with your kids going up ladders and getting bitten by snakes as you roll the dice. Or you can practice yours and their vocabulary with Scrabble. If the kids are not old enough to enjoy these types of games then, bring out the Play-Dough and the Legos and built cities from scratch or play house with your little princesses.

Get movin’ and dance your blues away!

Rainy days are also a great excuse to get silly. If boredom’s making your kids jumpy killing your sanity in the process, by all means dance your blues away and let the kids join you. Play make-up dances or Freeze Dance or whatever dances you can make up.

dancing with kids

Build forts and camp indoors.

Building forts from sheets you have around the house are perfect for playtime and . . . nap time! Hopefully, the kids will take a real nap as you play affording you peace and quiet if only for a few minutes.

Develop the artist in you and your kids!

To do this, all you need are lots and lots of paper, pens and crayons. Don’t forget to hand out prizes [a mug of hot chocolate is a good one] to the best artists in the house at the end of your “art session”.

Sing karaoke.

Unleash the singer in you and your family this gloomy rainy day! Your cable company most likely carries a karaoke channel just waiting to get discovered. You can also check sing-along Youtube videos online.

Read/Act out a story to your kids.

Do different voices for each character. Better yet, let kids tell their own versions of stories familiar to them. Children have such wide, vivid imaginations they’ll be occupied for a time telling stories of their own.

books for kids

Let your kids discover the beauty of crafting.

If you are a DIYer or a craft-tist, share your passion for making things to your kids. Crafting not only encourages creativity, you get to spend time with your children, too.

And when everything fails, play in the rain! If you can’t beat your kids’ rainy day jitters, might as well give in to them. Go out and have fun singing under the torrent while jumping on muddy puddles!

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