15 Creative Ways To Use Post-It Notes!

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Post-it notes are more than what they’re made for. Here are some of the creative and useful ways to use it both at work and at home.

  • Bookmark

Use your post-it notes as a bookmark and write your notes while reading. Its ideal to organize and highlight pages by using different colors. Organizing by colors also makes it easier to find similar ideas or thoughts for studying.

  • Share Ideas

Spice up your office or business meeting by using post-it notes. Use it and write idea there. Post it on your office window or glass instead of just writing on a whiteboard.

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  • Temporarily Label Folders

Label your office folders and organize them according to post-it notes colors. Write temporary names of your files, projects, products, and the like on the post-it and not directly on the folder.

  • Spice up Your Project Board

Are you working with your team on a new project? Are you assigned to handle a project on your own? Then use post-it notes to coordinate ideas into color.

  • Daily To-Do List

Get organized by jotting down your daily to-do list. Place it on top of your journal to make it more accessible. Organize your activities by hour with different colors.

  • Color Code Your Planner

Arrange your tasks in order with a post-it notes . Move or remove it once you’re done with the task. You can even make a daily or weekly planner out of it!

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  • Seat Plan

Plan your wedding or any event with a post-it notes seat plan. Assign colors for individuals, pairs, or groups in different areas on your location. It’s the easiest way to move them, or shall we say, stick them to another area with post-its, right?

  • Shopping List

So, you don’t want to forget anything once you’re doing your grocery, right? Use post-its to remind yourself of what you should buy for the upcoming errand day. This way you get to take all your notes with you and not forget anything.

  • Designate Chores

Use post-it notes on your chore chart at home to assign chores to you and your kids. Use their favorite colors on their chores for them to easily identify their daily and weekly chores. And, well, just hope that their favorite colors inspires them to finish early.

  • Label Your Cords

Messy cords are now a thing in the past with post-it notes. Write the device name on the post-it and wrap it on one end or both ends of the cord. Use larger post-its for larger cords for your DVD player or even TV.

  • Gift Tags

Add a bit of your personality on your gifts by making personalized gift tags with post-it notes. Draw, write a quote, or a simple message on it. Though you’ll need an extra hour or two to do this, your handwritten gift tags will truly make a difference.

  • Clean Your Keyboard

Yes, you read that right. Remove most of the gunk on your keyboard with the sticky side of your post-it notes . You can even use it to clean your mouse, too.

  • Hold Small Pieces

Are you doing a DIY or repairing something that has screws in different sizes? Then make sure not to lose it by placing it on top of  a post-it notes. Stick it on a table, label it, then place the screws on top of the post-it.

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  • Organize Events

Make sure to track all your progress for your event with post-it notes. Use different colors to identify food, venue, entertainment etc. Move the different parts of your events up or down, depending as it’s finished or still in progress.

  • Office Decoration

This may sound weird but post-it notes can also be used as office decorations. Ever heard of the post-it war? Employees decorated their windows by making their favorite characters out of post-its. Encourage your office to do so, too, to foster creativity in the workplace.

Do you use post it notes? How do you use them? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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