5 Activities To Improve Your Toddlers Development Skills

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Toddlers need to be provided with the right tools so they can increase their development and cognitive approach towards things. Young minds learn fast and if they are pushed in the right direction, they can grow up to be creative and problem solving individuals.

Here are five activities that your toddlers can be engaged in, to increase their developmental process:

Let them experiment with writing

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Many parents are scared to give writing instruments to their toddlers in fear that they might poke themselves or use it to write all over the walls, but the truth is that writing is a fundamental learning process and the sooner they learn, the better.

You can give them paints which they can dip their fingers into and create different images that they enjoy. At first, they will draw random symbols that mean nothing, but the exercise can allow them to slowly learn more.
As they advance in this, write down their first name and teach them to trace it by using your own hand to guide it the first few times.

Teaching counting

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Teach them counting through measurement. Make them stand and use things like wooden blocks, or even apples to measure their height. This becomes a good learning process and also an activity that can be carried out at each birthday.
Keep teaching your toddlers numbers through speech and have them incorporate numbers whenever you talk to them.

Label your household

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Labeling things around the household will make your toddlers better at reading. Labeling things that they have interest in like their favorite chair, the cookie jar or even their blanket can help them develop good reading and analytical skills.

Teach them to organize

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Teaching toddlers organization at an early stage can help them understand the importance of finding things easily when you need them. Many of the people still struggle with doing their taxes, because organization was not given much importance when they were kids.

Teach them to keep their shoes in the specified shoe holes of the shoe rack. Show them how to keep their clothes back in the closet and clean up their toys after they are done playing with them. Teaching organization to toddlers can be hard, but it can go a long way if taught right.

Have a scavenger hunt

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Toddlers love to explore and that can help them learn a lot. Start by going to the supermarket and asking your toddler to point out everything that is red. It can be done with shapes too. Ask your toddler to go around the house and pick things that represent a circle.

Use things that they see and do every day and turn them into fun activities.

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