7 Unexpected Things that Cause Depression

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Have you been feeling down lately along with other signs that clearly scream “Depression!” but just can’t point out what’s causing it? Experts agree that some depressions just happen without any concrete reasons. However, it pays to know the 7 most unlikely things that could be causing your blues. One of them might be causing yours.

  1. Trying to be happy even when you’re not.

Hiding your negative emotions behind a happy face is doing more harm than good to your mental health.

One recent study found out that depression rates are higher in places that put a premium on being happy leading researchers to suggest that wanting badly to show the people around you that you’re in high spirits even when you’re not could be causing your mental breakdown.

“Feeling happy has become the goal itself instead of it being the product of a well-lived life,” the research says.

So, enjoy a good cry once in a while. As what philosophers from the past say about tears, they’re cathartic.

  1. Not getting enough sleep.

Getting about eight hours of nighttime sleep is important even for adults. According to the author of the book The Power of Rest, if an individual is sleep deprived his risk of suffering from depression increases.

This is because it is during sleep that our dead and used up brain cells are replenished. Scrimping on our snooze time means lesser time for this stocking up process to happen. As a result, our brains stop functioning well which then could lead to feeling the blues.


  1. Parents of babies who have difficulty sleeping.

Speaking of sleep, one recent study came to the conclusion that parents with babies who have difficulty sleeping are more likely to suffer from depression.

However, after timely intervention – the parents were educated in how to help and encourage their youngsters to nod off along with help from nurses – the mental condition of the suffering parents improved — by 20% in fathers and 30% in mothers.

So, if you are a new parent with a fussy baby who wouldn’t sleep throughout the night, your bundle of joy may be the cause as to why you’re feeling despondent lately.

  1. Spending too much time in front of your computer.

Computers may be godsend and make working a tad easier but spending too much time in front of them could be wrecking havoc to your mind.

One 2010 research found out that some 1.6% individuals aged from 16 to 51 spend long hours in front of the computer surfing the internet. And these same people were most likely to suffer from moderate to severe depression.

Fact is the internet is today’s breeding ground of unrealistic expectations, staged happiness and perfection per the society’s standards as well as cyber bullying among others. Being overly exposed to these lead to negative emotions that often end up in depression.

  1. Having too many choices.

To most shoppers, having many options when it comes to product use is good and isn’t really a problem. However, there are consumers who, when faced with an overload of choices, tend to maximize and review each available product extensively just so they could get the best among the rest. This propensity for perfection causes stress levels to spike to alarming heights which could end up in depression.

  1. The end of something that’s of importance to you.

The end of something that’s currently important to you – like a TV series you’ve been following since the day it first aired or movie installments you’ve been going after or even a finished home renovation – could trigger depression.

“People who watch a certain TV show or movie feel depressed when their purpose for watching is companionship,” one expert states.

  1. Your diet lacks that fatty acid that’s mainly found in fish.

A diet lacking in Omega-3 fatty acids, found mostly in fishes and vegetable oils, could also be causing your depressive mood. One 2004 study found a connection between the lack of fish in a diet and depression among women [though it isn’t applicable to depression in men]. Omega-3 being neurotransmitter regulators explains the link.

Taking fish oil supplements could help as one study found out they do make a significant improvement alleviating depression among bipolar individuals.

Bonus: The place where you live in could be the culprit for your depression.

One research discovered that the place you live in has a direct effect to your mental health. The study found out that city dwellers are 39% more likely to suffer from mood disorders compared to those who live in rural areas. This was seconded by a 2011 study which further explains why: Urban dwellers showed more activity in the part of the brain that regulates stress meaning they feel more stressed compared to their rural counterparts. Higher stress levels put makes an individual more prone to mood disorders.

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