Kids subscription boxes we actually buy (and recommend)

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Subscription services to your door are not new…they have, however, been trending and growing over the past five years now taking over the industry of parenthood. There are TONS of options from top-of-the-line tot hair and body care products to recyclable, organic outfits. Out of all these options, we found two affordable and engaging options for our frenzied family members. Note: these are both perfect for ages 3 and up.

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Little Passports

Cost per month: starts at $20.95 monthly or $14.95/month if you buy the annual plan.
Options: 3 (ages 3-5, 6-10, 7-12)

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What it is: Little Passports is literally a passport to a different country each month. Your child gets to keep up with their travels with a personal passport and map, suitcase, and range of adventures to suit their age and taste. In the monthly subscription box, kids receive a story, souvenirs, workbook and more.
Why we like it: Little Passports makes learning fun. Our children looked forward to receiving these every month, tracking their progress, and learning about foreign places. The younger child received the “Early Explorers” beginner’s kit to learn to read, follow instructions, etc. while the eldest enjoyed the higher-level learning activities of the “World Edition.” This is worth the money! Although geared towards history, children learn a range of subjects in a way that feels like play.

Do you agree with our picks? What subscription services have you tried for your child?


Cost per month: starts at $19.99 monthly plus standard shipping.
Options: 2 (Adventurer with 375 toy options, Super Hero with 500+ premium toys)

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What it is: Pley is a subscription box service where child and parent pick (with unlimited exchanges) the toys they want sent to them. You simply add to a wish list what brand name toys and Lego sets you’d like, and they get sent to you one-by-one. It’s like getting a Christmas present monthly; kids love it.

Why we like it: Our children get overly excited for new toys then…are bored of them within the week. Pley prevents that! This genius business supresses waste and clutter while still allowing kids to try out the hottest toys and games. Lego lovers can experience and create new playscapes weekly or even more frequently with a free and unlimited exchange policy too.

Best of all, both Pley and Little Passports have affiliate programs that honor customers for referring friends and family members! 

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