Why Minecraft Is Good For Your Kids

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Minecraft is one of the most played video games among children. Some parents even to play the video game with their kids. But there are still a lot of valid concerns about video games, but that’s for another day.

For today, let’s look into the positive side of Minecraft. So, parents, here are some of the reasons why the video game’s good for kids and you, too.

minecraft for kids

  1. Encourages creativity

Just like Lego, Minecraft builds creativity by encouraging kids to build their own world. In the video game, everything’s made from blocks and from scratch. So, let your children build their own cars, castles, and even robots.

The game’s an immersive playground right under your child’s fingertips. It helps them develop critical thinking by solving problems and building what they need. So, why stop their creative juices flow, right?

  1. Teaches real-world skills

So what’s the best real-world skill that Minecraft teaches children? Resource management. Resources are limited so it’s important that players know how and when to use their resources.

Kids learn the basics of cost-benefit, patience, and even perseverance. If played online, they also learn to work as a team and deal with people. Even harness their leadership skills along the way.

  1. Inclusive

As the game teaches different skills, it’s also safe to say that everyone’s welcome. From the problem-solvers to the engineers and even storytellers; Minecraft’s for everyone. Regardless of their differences in experiences and expertise, players in group are encouraged to play as one.

Every skill has a place in the team. And the best part is everyone can collaborate in their adventures.

  1. It’s safe for kids

And yes, one of the primary concerns of every parent is safety. Game’s safety means it does not contain guns, violence, drugs, sex, and even curse words. The game’s not graphic as it focuses on survival and not battles and combats.

However, if you go online, one of the primary concern is connecting with strangers. That’s why it’s advisable to monitor kids while playing. Make sure their playtime’s safe from mean strangers.

kids and computer

  1. And great for parents, too!

It’s really a great family game. Playing video games with your kids is a great way to spend quality time with them. It also helps you monitor their playtime, that’s hitting two birds in one stone.

You can even set a Minecraft night so that everyone can join your team. Remember, it’s great to spend time with your kids by doing what they love.

Also, it’s inexpensive. It costs around $30 for the computer version and even cheaper for the pocket edition. Subscription also already includes updates.

  1. Develops computer literacy

And of course, it’s one way to encourage your children to be curious. Let their minds work as they play the game, even with how to use their computers.

Minecraft also encourages players to customize the game. So kids tend to get even more creative than usual by trying to learn basic programming and research.

What are you waiting for? Play Minecraft with your kids and let them reap the rewards now!

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