Are You Overfilling Your Kid’s Schedule?

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Don’t make FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] Your Legacy to Your Children!

Experts have seen children as young as 9 and 10 years old showing signs of burnout these recent years and they blame the parents’ penchant for overfilling their kids’ schedule with activities.One proof is a study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2007 which revealed how majority of kids with busy schedules feel more stressed out and anxious compared to their counterparts.

So, are you one of those parents who feel like their kids need to be saddled with activities throughout the day to keep them from feeling bored and to develop their various life aspects? If you are, or is considering it, stop for a moment and reflect on your own daily schedule with these three questions:

  1. Am I good example to my children when it comes to balance?

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Assessing your desire to book your kids in every activity you could get hold of through your own life is very vital. If you are always in motion, jumping [and barely scraping through] from one event to the next then, that speaks volume as to why you want the same thing for your child. However, you might be sending the wrong message to him/her – that extracurricular activities are more important than spending quality time with loved ones, building relationships with others or even engaging in activities that are of interest and really matter.

Remember this: your child will never be a piano prodigy no matter how many hours you book him/her with a piano virtuoso if his/her heart isn’t in it. But the example you set to him/her when it comes to time ad how you spend it will always leave an imprint.

  1. What is my real motive behind my desire to sign my kids up for this and that?

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Be honest with yourself. Are you just signing your kids up for that early morning soccer training, art workshop or week-long music camp because you’re busy and want something that’ll keep them occupied? Do you want a certain activity to be in their schedules because a “rival” couple has their child in it, too, and you just want to see your kid best out their “little miss/mister achiever”? Or you sign them up with everything because you fear they’ll miss out on the opportunities to develop their talents and skills?

Put this in mind: there’s nothing wrong with the old-fashioned simple play-and-romp in your home’s backyard. Allow your kids to enjoy their childhood because it only comes once. Let them throw their cares in the wind and have fun under the sun!

  1. What are the activities my child is interested in?

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It’s better if you sign your kids up in activities that they have shown interest in rather than signing them up in everything in hopes that they’ll be able to discover whatever piques their attention or to see what kind of undertakings they’re leaning on to.

Bear this in mind: allow your child to have a say in this matter. After all, it’s his/her schedule that’s in line. This will teach him/her that independence comes with responsibilities. Additionally, you’re training him/her the important skill of time management. And by asking him/her, you’re showing your child that his/her opinions and words matter to you.

Achievers aren’t those who have too much in their hands; they’re those who focused and mastered a field they’re passionate about. Overscheduling your kid will just put him/her at risk of burnout. Give them the freedom to participate in activities they enjoy because these are the ones that will truly enrich their lives.

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