The stubbornness of co-sleeping and how to help

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From the moment she came home from the hospital, she was attached to me. In bed, on the boob…my daughter has never wanted to leave my side. Yes it’s cute, but it also carries into her sleeping habits. I realize it is my fault for co-sleeping with my two children from first day to present day; however, it has to stop and I’ve tried everything.

My son has matured enough to figure out it’s way better to get a good night’s sleep in his OWN bed than to be kicked all evening by his cover-hogging Mom or restless, kicking sister. The daughter on the other hand? Every night without fail.

I know the judgment is coming, because she’s six. SHE’S FREAKING SIX. It just that she possesses a trait that runneth strong in her family bloodline: stubbornness. One time I watched an entire Super Nanny episode on this little brat that wouldn’t sleep in her own bed. Her parents carried her back from theirs while a ticker counted their attempts…over 85 it took before the kid passed out due to sheer exhaustion. I’m here to tell you, ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, I guess my child is one of those brats then. It’s somewhat endearing though, when you think about it. Your child loves being with you so much they want to be the little to your big spoon. It’s not as cute at 3 a.m. when you’re getting pushed off the bed by a moving toosh on a soon-to-be first grader though. Parents, what tips can I try? What advice can you offer? Share your solo sleeping ideas on our Facebook page HERE.

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