Here’s How To Start A Garden With Your Kids

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Gardening is one of the most pleasurable and relaxing time most grown-ups enjoy, but not kids. Kids often see gardening as a tedious task that they have endured for an afternoon. They see it as a chore, rather than a refreshing hobby.

That’s why it’s important for us to make them feel excited about gardening in their backyard. Remember, planting and gardening are both work and pleasure, and here’s how you let the kids enjoy it.

Always let the kids be with you from the beginning

Include them in choosing what plants should be part of the garden. Bring them as you shop for the seeds that you’re going to plant.

Also, mix planting flowers and vegetables in your backyard or front yard. Some of the plants you can choose from include:

Potato – these are easy to plant and more enjoyable to harvest. Let them help you dig the dirt and clean your vegetables, too.

Sunflowers – it’s one of the most beautiful flowers that everyone loves, so make sure to include it in your seedling shopping. You can also play a game of height catch up with the kids, and the flower grow.

Beans – these are ideal for picking and harvesting. Beans also grow fast, and it can grow anywhere in your garden, too.


Provide them their own space

Make gardening more rewarding and engaging by giving your kids their own little space in the garden. But don’t overwhelm them!

Make sure that the size is just right for them to maintain and take care of their plants. Also, find a spot that’s sunny, well-drained, and can easily be reached when watering.

You can also take them plant-shopping. Let them choose their plants at a nursery according to their favorite color or just because.

It’s also great to let them decorate their garden on their own. Of course, you also have to be their assistant and lend them the helping hand they need.

Make food from your garden

Use your fresh vegetables in making a pizza or salsa. Let the kids pick the ingredients fresh from your garden, so they’ll feel that they’re hard work pays off.

gardening with kids

Planting and harvesting tomatoes, pepper, basil, onions, parsley, and others will surely complete your pizza party. Let them harvest your potatoes and cut it into fries or potato chips. Use the fresh tomatoes and make a spaghetti sauce for dinner.

Make sure to plant garden food in the same or adjacent spaces. This will get them look forward in harvesting the ingredients.

Space is not a problem

Small gardens can be remedied with small containers with a drainage hole. Make sure that space in between every plant is enough to the let the roots breath.


You can use any container for small gardens. Use an abandoned tire or an unused basin which also teaches the kids upcycling.

Gardening is both fun and relaxing. So, find time to teach your kids how to garden and learn more about plants now.

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